Lifting equipment for confined areas

These cranes, in “light series” and “heavy series” versions, are a congenial and economical solution for handling in confined work areas and generally serve as a complement to overhead and gantry cranes, with the advantage of cutting down waiting time.

Configurations can be shelf-mounted, for application on walls or existing support structures, or column-mounted for floor application.

They can be equipped by chain hoist, with manual or electric push trolley translation for smaller capacities, or by rope hoist with electric translation for higher capacities. They can be operated by cable-tied push-button panel tied to the hoist or independently, and they can always be equipped with radio remote control.

These cranes can be equipped with an outreach with a reach of up to 360° of rotation. They are subdivided into the configuration with a tie-rod, which is very useful in case of manual rotation, and the cantilever configuration to reduce vertical clearance.

A special version of this category are the bicycle cranes, in which there is no rotating movement, but rather sliding on specially constructed runways.


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